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iPod & iTunes

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Issued on Octobter 12, 2004

A musical dream come true, the iPod offers huge capacity, letting you easily slip up to 10,000 songs into your pocket. And enjoy it wherever you go. In the car. On the treadmill. At the office. Around the house. Here is a Crossword Puzzle highlighting some of the features and accessories for the iPod.

iPod & iTunes


1. Apart from USB2, what other interface does the iPod support for connecting to Macs and PC
3. The iPod and iTunes works with Mac OS X, Windows 2000 and which other version of Windows
5. Company that produces the Media Card Reader that gives the iPod the ability to store photos
7. Makers of CrossWord Forge
9. Command-T (on the Mac) activates this graphic display in iTunes
11. Day of the week that the iTunes Music Store releases New Music
13. Company that has re-badged the iPod
14. Device from Griffin that tunes your iPod into a "world-class voice recorder"
15. What your Playlist is known as when you publish it on the iTunes Music Store
16. FM transmitter produced by Griffin Technology
18. Device used to wirelessly stream audio to your home stereo
20. The iPod headphones are easily recognisable by this unique colour
23. Australia's Leading Apple Macintosh User Group, which is raffling off a 40GB iPod in December 2004
25. Country that has access to the iTunes Music Store and the head of the state lives at Buckingham Palace
26. The first A in AAC stands for
27. Keeps your iPod mini secure and lets you conveniently adjust volume and select songs and playlists
28. A complete storage and protection solution for your iPod and all your accessories
29. Country that has access to the iTunes Music Store, and capital is Berlin
30. Country that has access to the iTunes Music Store and is also known for a large tower


2. Y-Splitter from Monster Cable connects two minijack headphones or speakers to one iPod so you can share your music with a friend
4. A game found on 3G & 4G iPods
6. The Best Digital Jukebox
8. TEN Technology's device that allows control of the iPod's audio functions from across the room
10. This paper-back-sized, ultra-portable, battery-operated stereo system from Altec Lansing is the perfect companion for your iPod and your ears
12. The first country to get the iTunes Music Store
17. The Fisrt seamless integration of iPod and automobile
19. The #1 Portable Music Player
21. iPod that has 4GB storage and comes in five different colours
22. Once you purchase music from the iTunes Music Store, how long do you own it for
24. Type of books you can play on your iPod


The solution to the above puzzle can be viewed by clicking on the link below;

solution »


Thanks to Sol Robots for providing a fully licensed version of the Mac OS X version of Crossword Forge to generate this puzzle.

A copy of this puzzle, along with the solution, is also available from my website,

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© Octobter 2004, Nicholas Pyers

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