iCalShare Logo SmallWhat is iCalShare?

The primary purpose of iCalShare is to allow people to promote all types of sharable calendars they create and for others to have central resource to locate calendars of interest to them. Continue Reading

Safari Books LogoSafari is a joint venture between two leading technical publishers, O’Reilly and Associates and The Pearson Technology Group that was created in July 2002.

The purpose behind the venture was to take the best IT books from the best authors and publishers. Put them into an online, searchable database. Offer it to IT professionals as a means of addressing their never-ending need to quickly pinpoint reliable code examples and technical information. Continue Reading

Mike’s Cards

Mike's Cards LogoThis review took about 6 months too long to write and it’s all Mike Sedore’s fault!

Mike kindly donated a copy of Mike’s Cards and Mike’s Marbles for use in the AUSOM iMac Raffle.

In return for his donation, we agreed to write a review of the games. The only problem was every time I went to grab screen shots of Mike’s Cards for use in the review, I’d get enticed in to playing actual games to their completion and then the time I’d allocated to actually spend on writing the review had disappeared. Continue Reading

Favicon for Apple Computer Australia

Favicon for Apple Computer Australia

With the introduction of Apple new web browser for Mac OS X, Safari, many Macintosh users are for the first time seeing various little icons appearing next to website names in the Address bar while browsing the internet.

There is nothing special or magical about this icon, it is a feature that has been around for a while on PC based web browsers, but unfortunately most Macintosh web browsers haven’t supported this feature until now.

However, anybody can add such an icon to their own website, regardless of the web browser you use to view it. Continue Reading

Macworld Expo LogoEarlier this week, Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple Computer, Inc, gave the keynote speech at Macworld Expo San Francisco.

Amongst his announcements there were updated versions of iPhoto, iMovie and iDVD, which have been bundled along with iTunes in a package called iLife. He announced new applications called Keynote, Safari, and Final Cut Express. The hardware announcements included a 17″ PowerBook, a 12″ powerBook and AirPort Extreme. Continue Reading

Bolo LogoAnyone who knows me, will realise that I am in Seventh Heaven because Genga Software have just released a clone of Bolo, a multi-player network tank battle/strategy game, that now runs under Mac OS X.

While XBolo is still only at v0.0.1, and many features are missing, the basic elements of the game exist; Continue Reading

WWDC 2002 LogoApple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is described as “The most important annual event for Apple hardware and software developers and is the definitive event for anyone developing for Mac OS X”. Attending WWDC provides the opportunity to receive strategic information from Apple executives and attend more than a hundred in-depth technical and hands-on sessions given by Apple’s technical architects and engineers. Continue Reading

Designed for EducationToday Apple Computer, Inc announced a new all-in-one desktop line, the eMac, which is aimed specifically for the education market and is based on the original iMac range, but features a 17″ CRT screen and a 700Mhz G4 processor.

They also announced updated PowerBook G4 models. Continue Reading